Welcome to Reception!

During Reception we cover all areas of learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage. These are:

  • Communication and Language,
  • Physical Development,
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development,
  • Literacy,
  • Mathematics, 
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design.

We cover these areas of learning across the curriculum through our topic work, adult led activities and child initiated, independent time. We engage in this learning through the use of our three learning areas. They are; the classroom, the outdoor environment and also our creative classroom. The children will rotate throughout these learning areas during the week, which enables them to receive a rich learning experience, which enhances engagement and motivation during the learning process.


In Reception we follow the 'Cornerstones' topic scheme. The topics we study  are:

  • Do you want to be friends?
  • Are we there yet?
  • Why are carrots orange?
  • Do zebras have stripes ?
  • Why do ladybirds have spots?
  • Will you read me a story?

Each topic begins with a WOW day, in order to engage the children immediately on their new topic and also gather an understanding of what pre existing knowledge the children may already have. We then learn about our topics through stories during our literacy time, our shape, space and measure days during numeracy and also our topic lessons.

Our current topic is 'Do you want to be friends?'



Religious Education is a part of every area of learning in Reception but we do also have focused RE lessons. During our RE focused lessons we study stories from the Bible, as well as looking at our own spiritual and moral development. As well as this, we have collective worships, prayer services, class assemblies and also Masses. We also have faith days where we celebrate other religious festivals such as; Diwali and Chinese New Year. 

Currently in R.E, we are learning all about The Creation Story.

Useful information:


PE occurs every Monday consisting of Write Dance, an exciting music and dance approach to develop both physical and writing skills . Please can you ensure that your child's kit is in school for this day and that all jewellery is removed. Thank you.


Your child will be set a specific reading day, which will be outlined on the front of their reading folders. This is the only day that they need to return their reading book and the homework that has been set from the previous week.