Year 3


Mornings consist of Big Maths, Maths, Literacy and Accelerated Reading.

Y3 Mathematics programme of study

Children will cover:


  • number and place value
  • addition and subtraction.
  • multiplication and division facts.
  • fractions
  • measurement
  • Geometry-properties of shapes
  • Statistics


Children will be writing fiction and non-fiction texts.

Weekly spelling, grammar and punctuation activities will take place every Tuesday during our literacy lesson.

Daily - Group Guided Reading and accelerated reading tests

Reading comprehension lessons will take place every week.




Pupils will be tested weekly, on Thursday, on multiplication facts and spellings.

Afternoons consist of Topic, RE, PE and French.


Our current topic is Flow


In September, your child will be studying the topic “Flow”.   We’ll visit a local pond. We’ll collect water and soil samples to complete science experiments. We’ll study working water wheels, investigate the water cycle and use natural materials to make models that demonstrate river formation. We’ll mix watercolours to create paintings in art. Our map reading and research skills will help us to find out about world famous rivers. In PE, we’ll play team games to ‘cross the river’  without falling in! At the end of the project, we’ll build a bridge and sculpt messy mud rivers outdoors.


Computing and Design Technology


Wow day: Visit to the pond, collect water samples, build river formations and mix and use water colours to paint 




Homework-set on Fridays, to be returned to school on Tuesday. Multiplication and spellings every week.

Reading Books - Please return your child's book daily. Please encourage home reading books as an extra to this.

PE-Kits to be brought in on a Monday and taken home on a Friday.