Year 6

Welcome to Year 6's Webpage

With gratefulness for our gifts from God and our generosity with sharing these, we learn together in the eyes of our loving God.


Year 6 is always a very busy year. Children prepare throughout their lessons for SATs and Confirmation which take place during the year. We encourage children in Year 6 to live and learn through the Gospel values that Jesus taught us. We try to show these values through our work in Year 6. We respect one another's rights to learn and know that God has given us gifts and talents to use.




In the first term (Autumn) of Year 6 we brush up on skills; the second term (Spring) we spend time applying skills that we have learned in Numeracy, Reading and Writing. In our final term, we will make our final preparations towards our SATs and also make sure that we are fully prepared to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.


In Year 6 there are lots of things to look forward to: Confirmation, trips out, bike ability, a production, a residential to Laches Wood, completing our SATs and preparing for secondary school.


Reading is very important in Year 6, as is learning our times tables. Please practise reading daily to gain fluency and battling regularly on the Timestable Rockstars app. 

We have also introduced Y6 to Spelling shed and IXL - so don't forget to log on there and practise your skills as often as you can. Housepoints are rewarded to those who go on daily. These apps have been noted to make a difference when used correctly.


Attendance and punctuality is vital in Year 6. Everyday we cover key objectives and by missing days or being regularly late, your child may miss crucial learning. The pace is very quick in Year 6, try to be in school everyday. If a child is not in school they could still read or log into spelling shed, IXL and times table rockstars to practise skills.


If you have any questions about life in Year 6 or need to know more about anything Year 6 related, please speak to me at the classroom door.


                         Miss Crowley



Children in Year 6 will prepare throughout the Year for their Confirmation. The units taught in R.E all work well to prepare your child for Confirmation. Some of the units that are being taught in R.E this term are: Followers of Christ - which teaches children about being a follower of Christ from the disciples to the present day; Belonging to the Church Community - which teaches us about being an active member of the Church; followed by: Lent, Holy Week and Easter units.

If your child is making their Confirmation they should make an effort to attend Mass at a weekend. There will be a commitment Mass where children sign a commitment. Please make sure you visit St Peter's for Mass before your Confirmation


Numeracy lessons begin with - 5 a day -where the children work to develop their speed and accuracy of reasoning skills. 

In Numeracy we cover many different strands of the curriculum. We learn all about number, shape, statistics, fractions, measures to name a few. We look carefully at how the maths skills we learn are used in the context of everyday life.

Each lesson has a reasoning focus where we apply a skill we have learned to a problem context.



It is important to have a good understanding of texts in Year 6. Each week we will do Reading Comprehension as a whole class and work on skills such as inference and retrieving information from a text. It is really important that children enjoy reading and understand what it is that they have read. Please encourage your child (whether you're a visitor reading this page, or a Year 6 parent) to read regularly a wide variety of texts. Newspapers, T.V guides, shopping lists, instructions and stories are just some of the texts that you could share together at home.

In writing, children write different text types such as newspapers, diaries, letters, stories or reports, to name a few. We focus on the purpose and audience for what we write. In Year 6 we have to be able to write with increasing accuracy in our sentence construction such as full stops, commas and capital letters but we also have to write imaginatively and with the correct spellings. 



We cover Science through our topic work. Lessons are planned to ensure a wide coverage of Science in Year 6. Some of the elements of science we cover in Year 6 are evolution and animal adaptations where we look closely at some of God's creations. We also learn about forensics, genetics and the human body looking specifically at the heart and major organs.



P.E will be taught on a Tuesday and then Fridays in the summer. Swimming will take place on a Tuesday for half a term in the Autumn. The class will be notified when swimming is due to take place.


Homework will be given on a Friday. It is expected to be handed back in by the following Wednesday. Please work hard to learn spellings and practise these using spelling shed. These words will mostly be made up of the expected words for Year 5 and 6. Some of them are challenging but children in Year 6 are expected to be able to use these words in their writing.

 Expected homework is: Spelling practise on spelling shed, IXL practising Year 6 skills, reading daily your school reading book, any additional sheets that are given for practise and rimes table rockstars.