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Before and After School Care: Linus Club

Please read and take note of the information listed below.

  • Places must be booked prior to the required session and should be no more than one week in advance

  • Children attending Linus Club MUST be escorted to and from the club by a responsible adult

  • Please inform Linus staff if someone other than yourself will be collecting your child. This ensures the safety of all children

  • Use of the school driveway is not allowed for safety reasons. It is used for deliveries throughout the day until 5 o’clock, and is a real danger to children if vehicles are reversing or turning

  • Parents must ensure that children are collected on time at the end of each session

  • It would be most helpful if bills could be paid on a weekly basis, and any outstanding accounts settled before the end of each month. This helps us to keep our books balanced, and avoids any discrepancies in bills issued. Cheques should be made payable to Linus Club

  • If there are any problems regarding payment, please make an appointment to speak to Mrs Tibbott in order that alternative arrangements are made

  • Please make a note of the contact number for the Linus Club which is a mobile phone number, 07748 605760, available during the Linus Club opening hours. Alternatively email us anytime at


If there are any issues which you need to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Tibbott in Linus Club. Should you have any cause for concern or complaint, in the first instance please contact Mrs Tibbott, or alternatively any correspondence should be made for the attention of the Chair of Governor’s, who will then forward onto the Linus Governing Committee.

General aims of Linus Club:

  • To offer a warm, caring and safe environment for the children

  • To provide an environment which encourages each child with the formation of their skills through activities and play

  • To encourage each child to be confident and self-assured

  • To enable each child to learn through first-hand experiences using a wide range of activities

  • To encourage each child to develop their social skills with other children of varying ages

  • To encourage all children using the club to be responsible and caring in their behaviour to other children

There are various activities and equipment, which are available for use by the children attending the club. For example, gaming consoles, computer equipment, art equipment etc. In addition, sporting equipment is also available for outdoor activities (weather permitting, in the afternoon sessions only).

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