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Nursery School Unform (optional):

  • White or yellow polo shirt

  • Grey trousers or green skirt or pinafore

  • Green cardigan or sweatshirt

  • School shoes that are practical for work and play, please do not allow your children to wear trainers or heels etc

Reception to Y6 School Uniform:

  • Green cardigan or sweatshirt

  • White blouse/shirt and a yellow and green tie (ties available from school office to purchase)

  • Green skirt or green pinafore dress or grey trousers (winter uniform)

  • Grey shorts or green and white checked dress (summer uniform)

  • Plain white socks/plain green tights

  • School shoes that are practical for work and play, please do not allow your children to wear trainers or heels etc

Physical Education (PE)

All children undertake physical activities twice a week when circumstances permit.

PE Kit (Nursery to Y6)

  • Black shorts

  • White polo PE t-shirt (or their house colour t-shirt i.e. blue, green, purple, red or yellow)

  • White socks

  • Black or white trainers

  • Black/grey plain tracksuits may be worn for PE.


Children are informed of their PE days and they can attend school dressed in PE kit on these days.


Year five and Year four children have the opportunity of weekly swimming lessons at some stage during the school year. The children will need their own costume, a towel and a sensible bag to carry/store their things in. Children with long hair will be asked to wear a swimming cap.

Please ensure that your child’s name is in all clothing.


We ask that hair is kept neat and tidy and that consideration of appropriate styles is given by parents/carers and children. Make-up and nail varnish are not permitted in school.


At St Peter’s we ask you not to send your children to school wearing jewellery as it can be dangerous both for your child and others. If your child has pierced ears, they may wear studs, but not long earrings. Please ensure your child has removed their earrings on days that they will be participating in PE/Games. If children do wear jewellery not considered to be safe they will be asked to remove them at particular times. We will stop children from using the playground or taking part in PE activities if we feel that their jewellery is a danger.


Children will need to bring a school bag suitable for reading books, letters etc everyday. Book bags are recommended as they are lightweight and are the right size for letters and reading books. These are available at the school office.


Pre-loved Uniform

We have 'pre-loved' uniform available with a wide range of all our uniform. Please ask at the school office to access the Pre-loved uniform shop where parents/carers are encouraged to help themselves to whatever they need. There is no charge for this however, any money donated will go into school funds to purchase equipment for the children.

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